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Popular “Books on Nature” for pre-school and young children - “Fun read & full of facts”.
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Books co -authored by Katie

A cappella Boy

A bestseller and internationally acclaimed

Grrs and Hisses

New launch on 6th Aug 2021 on climate change and conservation

katie bagli

Nature so Sizarre

Delightful and completely novel way of looking at nature

On the Wild side

poems that bring out the bizarre, thought-provoking, mind-boggling ways of nature

Ishaan's Treasure

Journey of Ishaan imbibing the knowledge of several marine creatures with the support of one of the passionate marine biologist.

Flight of the Pink headed Ducks and Other stories

Selected under Top 10 Best Authors for Children

Katie conducts various workshops on nature and wildlife. Katie devotes her time to taking kids and adults on Nature trails and Tree Walks.

Her story telling sessions are  enjoyed  in schools ( Mumbai and elsewhere) and at Litfests like Goa Litfest, Raipur Litfest etc and the popular  “Kala Ghoda ” festival at Mumbai and Hindustan Times “No TV “day.

CLR award Katie Bagli
Mumbai's best loved Childrens author. Katie's books have been recommended for general reading in schools and also to college students of zoology.