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Awarded the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Award, in association with i Congo and UN, for 2019, for her constant efforts to sensitise the young about our environment through her writings and other wildlife-related activities. Awarded 2 prizes in the Children's Book Trust Writing Contest, in 2 different categories.

Respect, Love and the joy of nature shine through each and every line that Katie has woven together in her books.

Lets peep into the world of insects

Why on Earth would this caterpillar be moving around with petals all over him? The answer is in my book Let’s Peep into the World of Insects, published by Story Mirror  

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Let’s Peep Into The Insect World* by *Katie Bagli*
Did you know that insects are the most successful group of organisms on our planet? There are among them the most awesome beauties, there are architects, masons, gardeners, farmers, tricksters, mimickers, actors, the list is long. Do read this book to know more about their fascinating lives.

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Published by Inking Innovations 

Tiffy-Tu and Simbo-Lin consider the kitchen as their playroom. Their doting grandma has a wealth of stories – not about kings and queens but about onions, cucumbers, spices and what have you. All in verse.

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