Amazing Animals

This is another series of books where the reader gets to learn, through stories, about the amazing characteristics and behaviour of various animals.

Age: 8 years +


From time immemorial, humans have believed in myths and misbeliefs about some animals: bats are supposed to be ‘spooky’; owls are associated with witchcraft and many more. This book, however, endeavours through its stories to dispel any myths and misbeliefs, and makes one realise how lovable all animals can be. Says Rati Dady Wadia, Former Principal, Queen Mary School, Mumbai, ‘I think every school should have a set of her books in their library and if they are used as supplementary readers in the classes it will really widen the horizon of the children where animal and plant life is considered…’


This book takes a peek into the lives of those animals that are not so well known to most of us and endeavours through its stories, to bring before the reader their bizarre images and their strange ways. Monkeys that have long dangling noses, reminding one of the elephant’s trunk, fish that have large, red, pouting lips that seem to have lipstick on, whales that remind one of the mythical unicorn and many more.


Certain animals appear to be more appealing to us owing to their charisma, muscle power or beauty as perceived by us. This book takes you through the glamorous, glitzy world of animal celebrities through its lively, amusing stories. In the words of Enid Ann Kerr, Retired Educational Director, this book is a must read for all children and all school libraries. A book that is interesting, enjoyable and educative. A book that clearly and vividly shows us the way to preservation of our country’s rich wild life.


The last book in this series. The book takes you through a journey of stories about strange,secretive , cryptic,hair-raising and furtive animals. The stories will make you realize all these animals are endearing.