Katie Bagli is an author who is passionately in love with the planet.  Do read her books to share her passion for our planet.

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Kitab khana-Mumbai, The Granth Book Store -Mumbai, BNHS( Bombay Natural History Society), Hornbill House, Dr, Salim Ali Chowk, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai       Available Online at

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“A Cappella Boy” goes International. 

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This book has a unique, fun filled approach to learning about our various Habitats along with the denizens normally found there. The first section describes the Habitats, the second part offers outlines of Habitats for colouring along with coloured references and the last section has brain teasers and puzzles.

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Kitab khana-Mumbai

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For a delightful and completely novel way of looking at nature – 
Did you know that koalas have fingerprints just like humans and grouper fish can change their colour with a blink  of their eyelid? Each fascinating factual titbit is sure to surprise and delight the reader to look more closely at the natural world and   is accompanied with playful, appealing illustrations.

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Kitab khana-Mumbai

Available online at Amazon India,   Bookganga


Many secrets of mangroves

Ganesh and his two children Abhay and Radhi escape the stormy sea and land on an island. Here
they meet Bauna, a local fisherman and together they explore the mysteries of the mangroves. The
island seems to have cast a spell on them and changes their lives….

This book is NOT FOR SALE. 

Hard copies are available in
limited numbers for teachers and educators to use the book to spread the word about the
importance of mangroves to the young. The book can also be read in digital format on the link

It covers some of the trees (60) in Dadar Parsi Colony.  Most of these trees are found in other parts of Mumbai and elsewhere in the country too.  It is a guide for an amateur who wishes to learn about trees.  The book has coloured photographs of the tree bark, flowers, leaves and fruits.   

Available with the NGO Greenlines in The Provencial Building of Don Bosco School, Matunga. 

This book has poems that bring out the bizarre, thought-provoking, mind-boggling ways of nature

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Kitab khana-Mumbai

Available online at Amazon India,   Bookganga


“A Cappella Boy” has been adapted into a play by the group of story tellers Secret Passages. 

They have performed this play in various venues and has met with a very positive response.’



Jointly Published by 

Bombay Natural History society, National Society of the Friends of the Trees, Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation

Co-published by Oxford University Press



A Green teacher’s Guide

A coffee table book


A collection of short Stories and Verse inspired by Art from Behind Bars.

There is a Zoo of sorts everywhere

A Zoo in your bedroom, a Zoo under your shoes, a Zoo in your book rack


This book contains five short stories, all on endangered species of Asia – the Pink-
headed Duck, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Great Indian Bustard and the Ganges
River Dolphin

The stories are fictional, but they are woven around true facts. The
book endeavours to sensitise the reader towards the plight of endangered species.
The reason for the animals being endangered – whether it is poaching, or global
warming, or habitat destruction or over-hunting or pollution, are all brought out in the
stories. Each of the stories also highlights the connection between man and animal.

Lets peep into the insect world
Why on Earth would this caterpillar be moving around with petals all over him? The answer is in my book Let’s Peep into the World of Insects, published by Story Mirror 

Did you know that insects are the most successful group of organisms on our planet? There are among them the most awesome beauties, there are architects, masons, gardeners, farmers, tricksters, mimickers, actors, the list is long. Do read this book to know more about their fascinating lives.