About Katie Bagli

Katie Bagli  is one of Mumbai’s best loved children’s author.

Katie Bagli is an avid nature lover.

Katie Bagli loves to go for walks out in the wild, where she takes on the role of a nature detective, looking under leaves and stones for all kinds of creepy crawlies, and up at the tree canopies for birds and squirrels. She finds mountains, forests and oceans most fascinating and feels something mysterious about them. There is always a story developing in Katie’s mind, especially when she walks her dog Chloe. She gives expression to her passion by writing for children. She has 40 published titles to her credit so far. She has published articles in several magazines like the Sanctuary Cub, Highlight Champs, Saevus, The Children’s Magazine and is currently contributing articles on nature to the children’s section, “Young World” of The Hindu.  She writes a monthly column on Nature in “Robinage”, a children’s magazine. 

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Her book Many Secrets of Mangroves, published by Godrej and Boyce, has been uploaded in the Wetlands portal of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. Katie has been commissioned by the Corbett Foundation, the Mangroves Foundation of India and the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change respectively, to write stories that would bring about sensitization and awareness of our natural wealth.

She is also a part of the Save Rani Bagh Foundation which ensures the upkeep and health of the green heritage in the botanical gardens there that has more than 4000 trees and form the green lungs of Mumbai.

She had also been invited by the Andhra Pradesh Government to Vijayawada to conduct a session on Literacy Day for the Differently Abled Children.

Katie helps in organizing the children’s section of the global festival 100
Thousand Poets for Change, each year. The children’s play in this festival is
written, directed and produced by her.

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 Katie Bagli is now the Director Education of Jane Goodall Institute India’s Roots &Shoots programme.  She helps reach out to schools and inspires our youth to take up projects related to people, animals and environment, for the betterment of our planet.  She also helps create content towards this end for the Roots & Shoots programme.

She is  also currently writing the scripts for creating E modules on Environment Education as per the NCERT curriculum, for grades 7, 8 and 9.  


Her awards:
1. Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship in association with I Congo and UN, 2019
2. Awarded as one of the 50 most Innovative Storytellers by World HRD Congress
3. Awarded by Beyond the Box as winner of The Rhythmic Affair, a poetry slam, in
March 2022
4. Won two prizes in creative writing contest by Children’s Book Trust, in 2020.
5. The CLR (Culture Literature Research) Award by Pachyderm in 2021, for outstanding
work in the field of literature
6. Awarded by Enlit Kids for her book ‘Stories of Trees of India’ for middle school

Her book The Flight of the Pink-headed Ducks and Other Stories got her long-listed as Best Children’s Author for the J K Author Awards, a joint venture by Times of India and J K Paper Ltd. Very recently she has been awarded a prize by CLR (Culture, Literature and
Research) of Pachyderm Tales, for outstanding service in the field of literature,in 2021. 

When she is not writing Katie devotes her time to taking tree walks, nature trails, and conducting creative nature writing workshops and creative poetry writing, doodling comic strips and cartoons for children. She also indulges in fun-filled nature-related activities for the young and old like running a Nature Club and conducting wild-life quizzes.

Qualifications: Katie had specialized in Microbiology  ( Stood first in Bombay University) and later, after joining Bombay Natural History Society she did correspondence courses in Entomology, Botany and Leadership in Biodiversity and Conservation of Nature.