Katie Bagli is an author who is passionately in love with the planet.  Do read her books to share her passion for our planet.

Natures Delight

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This book has a unique, fun filled approach to learning about our various Habitats along with the denizens normally found there. The first section describes the Habitats, the second part offers outlines of Habitats for colouring along with coloured references and the last section has brain teasers and puzzles.

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For a delightful and completely novel way of looking at nature – 
Did you know that koalas have fingerprints just like humans and grouper fish can change their colour with a blink  of their eyelid? Each fascinating factual titbit is sure to surprise and delight the reader to look more closely at the natural world and   is accompanied with playful, appealing illustrations.

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Many secrets of mangroves

Ganesh and his two children Abhay and Radhi escape the stormy sea and land on an island. Here
they meet Bauna, a local fisherman and together they explore the mysteries of the mangroves. The
island seems to have cast a spell on them and changes their lives….

This book is NOT FOR SALE  but Available FREE

Printed copies are available with the author and the Environment Cell of Godrej & Boyce  Hard copies are available in limited numbers for teachers and educators to use the book to spread the word about the importance of mangroves to the young. The book can also be read in digital format on the link

It covers some of the trees (60) in Dadar Parsi Colony.  Most of these trees are found in other parts of Mumbai and elsewhere in the country too.  It is a guide for an amateur who wishes to learn about trees.  The book has coloured photographs of the tree bark, flowers, leaves and fruits.   

Available with the NGO Greenlines in The Provencial Building of Don Bosco School, Matunga. 

This book has poems that bring out the bizarre, thought-provoking, mind-boggling ways of nature

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Kitab khana-Mumbai , Inking Innovations , Bombay Natural History Society & Kitab Khana

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 Did you know that there are musicians among insects?  Read this intriguing story about them in The Insect Concert.

For Age grpup 4 to 7 yrs

Published by Alpha Zone, an imprint of Books33

 Little do we realise the kind of amazing life that is under our feet. Here is the story of an earthworm family and the travails they face.

For Age grpup 4 to 7 yrs

Published by Alpha Zone, an imprint of Books33

Why do we never get to see the flowers of a banyan tree?  Why does the Ashoka tree bring smiles?  The answers to these puzzles and many more are all in this comprehensive book.  In addition, the book endeavours, through its amusing stories, to bring about an instant attachment to the trees.

Published by Shreebook Centre

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Strange Trees,, won the second prize in the
competition for Writer’s of Children’s Books, organized by Children’s Book Trust. It has beautifully illustrated by Ajanta Guhathakurta and imparts, through its delightful stories, a storehouse of information about the different trees in the neighbourhood.

Published by  a Children’s Book Publication



Available online at childrensbooktrust.com


“The Whistling Duck who wouldn’t jump”  is a read-aloud book, published by Children’s Book Trust.  This book won a prize in the Children’s Writing Competition, in the picture books category, held by Children’s Book Trust.



Copies can be made available on their website:  www.childrensbooktrust.com  or  www.childrensbooktrust.org


“A Cappella Boy” has been adapted into a play by the group of story tellers Secret Passages. 

They have performed this play in various venues and has met with a very positive response.’



Jointly Published by 

Bombay Natural History society, National Society of the Friends of the Trees, Save Rani Bagh Botanical Garden Foundation

Co-published by Oxford University Press



A Green teacher’s Guide

A coffee table book


A collection of fun verses.

There is a Zoo of sorts everywhere

A Zoo in your bedroom, a Zoo under your shoes, a Zoo in your book rack

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Inking Innovations , Bombay Natural History Society and Kitab Khana


This book contains five short stories about the endangered species of Asia – the Pink-
headed Duck, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Great Indian Bustard and the Ganges
River Dolphin.

The stories are fictional, but they are woven around true facts. The reason for the animals being endangered – whether it is poaching, or global
warming, or habitat destruction or over-hunting or pollution, are all brought out in the
stories. Each of the stories also highlights the connection between man and animal.

– this book was long-listed for the best Children’s Author in Auther Awards 2021, a
joint venture of the Times of India and J K Paper Ltd

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Bombay Natural History Society, (www.bnhs.org), Kitab Khana, Kahani tree and also Amazon

Lets peep into the insect world
Why on Earth would this caterpillar be moving around with petals all over him? The answer is in my book Let’s Peep into the World of Insects, published by Story Mirror 

Did you know that insects are the most successful group of organisms on our planet? There are among them the most awesome beauties, there are architects, masons, gardeners, farmers, tricksters, mimickers, actors, the list is long. Do read this book to know more about their fascinating lives.

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StoryMirror, Kitab Khana and

Tiffy-Tu and Simbo-Lin consider the kitchen as their playroom. Their doting grandma has a wealth of stories – not about kings and queens but about onions, cucumbers, spices and what have you. All in verse.

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Kitab Khana 

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Anna He Purnabramha Book Cover Marathi
Anna He Purnabrama.  This colourfully illustrated book is the Marathi version of the book of verses: “Sugar, Spice and All Foods Nice” co-authored by Katie Bagli and Medha Rajadhyaksha.  The interpretation has been done excellently by Apeksha Samant, retired principal of a Marathi primary school.

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Kitab Khana  and Inking Innovations

Ishaan treasure 2
The concept of this book designed by
Ms. Katie Bagli will help in rooting the seeds of conservation not only
in the youth but also among people of all ages. This book ‘Ishaan’s
Treasures’ beautifully describes the journey of Ishaan imbibing the knowledge of several marine creatures with the support of one of the passionate marine biologists Mr. Abhijeet (Nature Uncle) whom he
met along the beach side, which changed the entire perspective of his life

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Mangrove Foundation Cell,
Kitab Khana and also on Amazon.

Grrrs to Hisses and their Homes
This book of lively verses, colourful illustrations and interesting factoids, touches upon climate change and conservation.  A much-wanted book to bring about awareness in young minds, the subject being the need of the hour.  In the words of Ms Parveen Shaikh, Principal of The Somaiya School, every child of 8 years and above should read this book.  It can be used for dramatized recitation, for understanding what is leading to climate change and its consequences, for appreciating literature and creative language. 
The book has been co-authored with Dr Paramita Mukherjee, the illustrations have all been done by Katie Bagli and the publisher is Inking Innovations.

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Inking Innovations

Diamonds in the Sky Book Cover Front copy
This book, suitable for 7 year olds and above, expresses in a fun way, through verses, stories, skits, all about the celestial bodies, weaving in interesting nuggets of information.  The dream fairy takes the reader for a galactic journey through the vast universe, be it the solar family, the comets, meteors, black holes, all the awesome happenings such as  stars being born, stars dying, you name it – it is all there.  The book is beautifully illustrated in colour by the authors themselves.
Co-authored once again with Medha Rajadhyaksha and published by Imli, an imprint of Paperwall Publishing. 

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Kitab  Khana
Gods, Greens & Gripping Tales
Stories about some of the 21 leaves that are offered to Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi. 
Published by Inking Innovations.

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Inking Innovations

Phone:  022 24122755/56

Mobile:  9322232454

Choddoshak Gods, Greens and Ghostly tales
Exciting news! This book, just come out, has been put together by Vijaya Chakravarty and me, thanks to Mr Anand Limaye of Inking Innovations publications. Don’t miss the lively illustrations by Sushmita Karmakar and Medha Rajadhyaksha. 
And what is it all about? The engaging stories that dynamic Dida relates to her grandchildren, draws the reader to the traditional practice of cooking a meal of no less than 14 greens on the eve of Bhoot Chaturdashi by the Bengalis. And of course, not to forget the different friendly ghosts that drift in and out of the stories… Do get your copies!

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Inking Innovations

Phone:  022 24122755/56

Mobile:  9322232454

 Published by Books33 Befriend Books.

Ten story books related to ten of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) laid down by the UN. 
For Ages : 6 to 10 years.

Can also serve as a read aloud for younger children.

Each story is accompanied by activities related to the goal which can be carried out in the classroom or home.

Katie Bgali Book 3 - Holiday at Mahek Farm
Katie Bagli Book 6 - Boondini Meets the Sea
Katie Bagli Book 7 - Is the Sun in my Bed
Katie Bagli Book 11 - Urvi and the Termite
Katie Bagli Book 12 - Lizzy in a Tizzy
Katie Bagli Book 13 - The Roof that Flew
Katie Bagli Book 14 - Dear Dolly
Katie Bagli Book 15 - Weber the Spider
Katie Bagli Book 16 - Isn't This Our Forest Ma
Katie Bagli Book 17 - Crocky's Monstrous Mouth

Books published by Niji Books

Adi the artist
Adi the Naturalist
Adi resues his parents
Adi's super first day
Katie Bgali Niji Books 5
adi the chef
Adi's missing birthday cake

Available with nijikart.com and also Amazon

Also available in Personalised  format with nijiicart.com

Katie Bagli Niji Books1
Katie Bagli Niji Books 2
Katie Bagli Niji Books 3
Katie Bagli Niji Books 4
Katie Bgali Niji Books 5
Your Child the Artist
Eva the Chef
Katie Bagli has yet another feather in her cap. She is the author for Nijibooks, a company which comes out with hyper-personalized stories for children of all ages with the belief that when a child reads a book with herself or himself as the protagonist, with familiar settings and even her or his own parents in the book, then a life-long love for books and love for reading are sure to be ignited. 

Gifts that evoke joy and are full of love and learning.